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  Below, you'll find extensive information on  Free Java  Source code, articles and products to help you on your way to success.



This trail shows you how to use the Java Sound engine in JDK 1.2 to play audio data from both applications and applets. Java Sound enables you to play many types of audio clips, including AIFF, AU, WAV, MIDI, and RMF files.

Overview describes the features provided by the Java Sound engine and how it is integrated with JDK 1.2 and the other Java Media technologies.


  Playing Sounds shows you how you can play consistent, reliable, high-quality audio from your Java programs. 


Solving Common Sound Problems gives solutions (and sample code) to questions that may arise when incorporating sound in your applets 

Please Download Sound Files and other related documents.


2 JavaPortScanner

File Name :


simple TCP which has checksum, error control, packet loss and simulation for a random networkFile Name :JAVATCP_IP.ZIP


4 Networking Application
This Java program demonstrates a simple Client/Server program, where the
Client connects to the Server for a fixed number of seconds, and the Server
counts down the seconds.

File Name : javaClientServer.ZIP




Identify yourself using HTTP Authentication
You can identify yourself using this class (HTTP Authentication). 



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