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Telephone Messages system

The Message System is aimed at standalone or networked (intranet) PC's although it can be used on a internet web server it is not recommended as the data that can be recorded in the message system can be changed by anyone who knows the web site URL.

Future version will be designed for the Internet with password protection per queue and extra admin functions that will allow users to collect their messages via the internet while away from the office.


This "Freeware" application is aimed at small businesses that require an electronic media to organize their telephone messaging requirements.


In this revision 3 of the Telephone Message System" the following features are available.

1) When you create a message you assign the message to a person as a queue, the Queue.ini file can be modified to add users to the Queues. Don?t forget to add a carriage return between each user i.e.


Instead of: John Margaret Peter In the Queues.ini file.

2) The messages are recorded to a MS Access Database.

3) You can search / view records in a number of ways to include between dates, keywords (company name or name), queues and status.

4) The search result can be manipulated in a number of ways to include, block closure / delete or setting a range to pending. You can also "edit" records from the results searched upon.

5) Once you have selected a message range you can print preview the results, useful if you want to print the messages for a certain queue / person, and perhaps fax their messages to them.

6) You can rename the database if you like or the path, but don't forget to change the path to the file in config.asp you can also change the name of your company image from within here.


You need to have MS Access installed on the computer you are going to set up as a server (more about this in a minute). You also need to install PWS (Personal Web Server) we have included a document written by Alexander Haneng (www.haneng.com) called "Personal Web Server.doc", if your unsure read this. (Note when installing pws, unless you know what you are doing its best to accept the installation defaults).

Once you have installed PWS the best thing to do is to unzip this file again to c:\inetpub\wwwroot this will create a folder within wwwroot called messages so the new path would be c:\inetpub\wwwroot\messages

Open up the Personal Web Manager console (in the systray) and select the "advanced" option icon. Double click on "Home" in the white box, it should now give you the properties of "home" with the path being c:\inetpub\wwwroot we need to change the path to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\messages in the same dialogue box make sure the tick boxes are all selected (read/execute/scripts) then select ok. This should take you back to the advanced section make sure "enable default document is ticked in the appropriate area. Close down the Personal Web Manager console.


Now that you have installed PWS and have unzipped the files you will want to start using the program to take your telephone messages, to do this open up Internet Explorer, work offline if you like if you don?t want to connect. In the address bar type in http://localhost or http://<yourmachinename> and you should be taken to the input form.


We can't really provide any further support for the application although it is basic it is very functional, if you have any comments to make about the application please email admin@comhq.co.uk. If you would like a totally custom design with your own features please contact rowan@comhq.co.uk and we can accommodate this for a very small fee if you make your preferences clear.


If you want to report a bug please email admin@comhq.co.uk and we will try to put it right a.s.a.p. As of 22/2/2001 we are aware of a small bug where you use keywords with a date range in a search, it displays the result ok, but the print preview is inaccurate, this will be amended and within the next few days.

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