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Active Server Page (ASP)  Source code

 Below, you'll find extensive information on Free  ASP/ ASP.Net Source Code  and products to help you on your way to success.



Aw-BannerAd v1.0
A banner rotator, easy to use simple to insert into pages can be inserted into pages that don't use asp. Add, edit and delete banners with the online administration and also set the refresh rate of the banner rotation page. Counts clicks and shows of each banner.

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Telephone Messages system
The Message System is aimed at standalone or networked (intranet) PC's although it can be used on a internet web server it is not recommended as the data that can be recorded in the message system can be changed by anyone who knows the web site URL.

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3 MkGraph Function: 
The MkGraph function creates a simple HTML graph. The graph only displays properly in Internet Explorer browsers. There are seven required arguments.
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4 Send E-mail in ASP.NET
This aspx page shows you how to send e-mails from ASP.NET. It illustrates many of the ways ASP.NET differs from ASP, such as the ability to send messages via the machine's SMTP server without an intermediary object such as CDONTS, the use of server side input boxes that stream the correct HTML to the client, and the use of built-in ASP.NET objects for the purpose of form validation.
.Version Compatibility: ASP.NET 
file name
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File Upload in ASP.NET
This aspx page shows you use use the new System.Web controls (specfically, the HTMLInputFile control) from ASP.NET. More information is provided within the file's comments. You must have IIS 5.0 installed as well as the Visual Studio.NET common language runtime.

Version Compatibility: ASP.NET 
file name :

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Process XML Using ADO.NET
This ASP.NET page demonstrates how to load an XML stream into an ADO DataSet. It illustrates how XML data maps to ADO.NET's datarow and datacolumn objects, and the DataSet's table object. It also illustrates usage of the DataSet's GetXML method, and how to display the XML in a brower in various formats.

Version Compatibility: ASP.NET
file name

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7 DateTime Object in .NET: Demo
This is an ASP.NET page that demonstrates usage of the .NET's DateTime object and it's format method. As you will see, this object provides enhanced date display properties as compared to native methods of Visual Basic and ASP.
Though the demo is implemented in ASP.NET, the properties and methods illustrated can be used in any Visual Basic.NET project as well.

Version Compatibility: ASP.NET 
file name :

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Text index calalogs in sql server 2000

This Example Explains step by step of how to set up full text index calalogs in sql server 2000, and how to query the full text catalog. Search Interface is implemented in ASP.NET , the .zip file consists of searchmembers.aspx and members.aspx and html document explains steps for implementing this feature in your projects. ....

Version Compatibility: ASP.NET 
file name

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