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  1. Q: Who is stronger, Man Or Woman? A: A woman bcos she lifts 2 mountains on her chest while a man lifts 2 stones with the help of a crane.

  2. Son on his honeymoon phoned his mom asking what 2 do. MOM: Put ur biggest thng on her hairiest thng. SON:got my nose in her armpit. Now what?

  3. Girl: Im like a radio, my mouth spkr, my left breast tuner, right 1 volume. Man: Can I try? (touches d
    breats)-no sound. Girl: U haven't plugged in yet! Man says to his wife: Let me take a picture of your
    breasts, than I can always look at them. Wife: Let me take a picture of you p_nis, I will have it enlarged

  4. 3 Choices -
    A man wanted 2 get married! He had a choice of 3 women!1st woz a rich docter,2nd woz a poor cleaner & 3rd woz a prostitute! WHO DID HE PICK? The 1 wid big tits!

  5. Today in style
    Today its cool to have small cars and small computers. Soon it will be cool to have a small p_nis too. Then you my friend will be THE MAN!!

  6. My days ...
    I only have SEX on days that begin with T: Thanksgiving. Tuesday. Thursday. Today. Tomorrow. Thaturday. thunday.. Every thucking day!

  7. 23 useless parts
    23 useless parts on a mans body.20 nails u cant hammer.2 balls u cant throw &1 cock that cant "crow". dont laff ladies?? UR P_SSY CANT CATCH MICE

  8. Why woman moan?
    Why do women have orgasms during sex??? It gives them something to moan about even when they are fuc***g enjoyin themselves.

  9. What a girl wants?
    A girl who opens her hands receives gifts. who opens her heart receives love. who opens her legs receives happiness

  10. I want to suck you... lick you... wanna move my tongue all over you...wanna feel you in my mouth...yep, tat's how u...eat an ice cream!

  11. A - U'r Attractive B - U'r D Best C - U'r Cute D - U'r Dear 2 me E - U'r Excellent F - U'r Funny G - U'r Gud Looking H - He He He I - I'm J - Just K - Kidding

  12. In a bath room, a boy touches a girl everywhere! You Know whose that boy?
    Stupid It's Lifeboy Soap! Dirty people always think dirty.

  13. Difference: It's funny when people discuss LOVE MARRIAGE Vs ARRANGED. It's like asking someone, if suicide is better or being murdered