Spiritual and Religion

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Spiritual and Religion

How To Cure The Little Hurts

Prayer for An Enemy

-Norman Vincent peal

There are millions of people everywhere whose spirits are not so surely battered, but nevertheless are bruised or  hurt or wearied by little day to day difficulties, unkindness, Injustice, illnesses, disappointments that come to us all.

If  at the moment your own spirit is buried or sore from  something that has gone amiss in your life, can I offer you a quick certain solution?  Probably not,  since I do not know what your particular problem is. What I can do is tell you about several true-life Situations in which a human spirit was troubled.  In each case. a spiritual principle, deliberately put into action. Brought a solution. If your difficulties or problems are at all similar, you might try applying one of these remedies.

Prayer for an enemy:

Resentment toward another person often acts like a slow poison in the human mind and heart. But in a strange and wonderful way, praying for the person you think has wronged you can neutralize the hurt and rebuild the relationship.

A man who has worked for 20 years with a Wall Street firm wrote me not long ago about a falling out he had with another broker in his office. Months passed. and neither spoke to the other. Now this man who wrote me-George, we'll call him-­had no deep wound in his spirit. But a bruise was there, and he knew it. Finally one day in church, when the minister was talking about forgiving your enemies and, as the Bible says, praying for them that despitefully use you, George decided to say a prayer for his former friend. It was, he admits in the letter, a brief and grudging prayer, but he said it.

 George's letter goes on: A few days later in the office I was working on some papers so close to this man that I could hear his voice. Suddenly an idea flashed into my mind. It was something that I knew instantly would overcome his hostile altitude toward me. I felt then, and I feel now, that the idea was given to me by God. It was a little hard, but I walked over and said, ‘Bill, I remember how you used to tell me about the trouble your wife was having with arthritis. I'm wondering how she's been getting along'.

He looked surprised and embarrassed and then he started talking rapidly. He said, among other things, that he had always had the bad habit of speaking before thinking. When he said that, I knew he was expressing regret for the things he had said weeks ago that had broken our relation­ship. He went on to tell me about the treatments and diffi­culties his wife had been through. He concluded by saying that he appreciated the interest I had shown.

The next morning when I came by his desk, I said, 'Hello, Bill.' He replied, 'Hello, George.' The barrier was gone." Of course" was! It was dissolved by prayer. Another way to apply a first-aid treatment to the bruised spirit is to live with ease-not dis-ease. The word "ease" implies a harmonious relationship with God,  your fellow man and yourself. A discounting prefix makes it dis-ease, a taking away of this well-being.

As ministers and physicians know, the effect of internal disharmony upon your physical condition is profound. If there is enough hate or ill-will in your mind, it can actually kill you. But if a person takes in attitude of faith and surrender, thereby bringing himself into harmony with God's creative power, he makes contact with a steady flow of health and strength. I'm sure this power can be tapped in cases where the human sprit is being wounded by nervousness, tension, nameless fears or anxieties that do not necessarily in incapacitate but nevertheless, rob the victim of the joy of ease-ful living.
If your sprit is bruised by one of life's encounters, here is a procedure that may be helpful.

First, realize that you treat small wounds of the sprit just as you deal with any small cut on the body; you apply the healing substance right away. Delay may bring on infection which requires much longer and more painful treatment.
Second, the healing application may vary widely with each person, but prayer is usually the heart of enemy. Passages from Scriptures are also therapeutic, particularly if memo­rized and worked deep into the subconscious. Calling on the presence of Jesus Christ can often work an instantane­ous healing. Perhaps a combination of all three would be a most effective way to restore harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Third, come to appreciate the fact that everyone's spirit is wounded from time to time. I'm sure the Lord allows this to happen because He knows that a certain amount of struggle is good for us. Through our wounds can come spiritual growth and inner strength.