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Spiritual and Religion

The Power of Creative Mind


Do you really believe, that if you hold the right pictures in your mind of what you want to do or be or have in life there is every possibility of their coming to pass one day? Remember, I said "bold" the right pictures in mind- not just let them nit haphazardly through your mind in a wishful· thinking sort of way.

Too many people write to me, saying: "I tried your 'Picture What You Want' technique and nothing happened!"

When I have asked them how long they have tried the technique- the power of creative mind, their answers vary from "five minutes" to "half an hour" to "several days",

This is no time at all, if you have a real worthwhile goal in mind. In my earlier days, believing even then in the great power of visualization or mind, supported by faith in myself and the God power within (mind), I was overeager. I wanted things to happen yesterday, my own impatience caused me to try to force what I was picturing to come true. This attitude short-circuited my God­ given power of creative mind (TNT). Without realizing it, I had gotten in its way and blocked its ability to help me.

You see, TNT functions beyond our human limitations of time and space. Through it we reach out and make contact with people and circumstances that still haven't come within the range of our five physical senses. In some electromagnetic manner, we attract opportunities and resources as we keep on picturing our objective, putting forth every effort toward that end, and never worrying about all the things that might or could happen to prevent the manifestation of our desire.

So often, a man or woman or young person just beginning to try out this method of "mental picturing" gets discouraged when he sees no immediate evidence of its working. The person either stops picturing his desire or starts picturing just the opposite as taking place-failing to accomplish what he set out to do.

Then, he says, when he suffers a setback or a disappointment, "I was afraid that was going to happen." Well, he pictured that it would happen, didn't he'! And he had more faith that what he feared would occur than he did in his ability to achieve success.

Your God-given creative power within cannot stop you from thinking the wrong thoughts or holding to the wrong pictures. It just "assumes" that this is what you want and goes ahead trying to help you achieve it.
You must realize that when you continue to think positive thoughts, you will eventually get positive results; but negative thoughts always ultimately produce negative results.

You can depend on this basic mental law- that "like always attracts like" in the power of the mind.

Whatever your present conditions and circumstances in life, it would be well for you to take inventory and review what your thoughts and. feelings have been throughout the years. See if you can determine a connection between many of the things that have come into your life and the mental and emotional attitudes you have had.

It hurts, to be able to "put your finger" on some wrong thinking that you realize has contributed to an unhappy event- some misunder­standing between friends or relatives, a financial loss, or a disappointment.

But, as I have said, when I have discovered some weakness in my own thinking, I would much rather hurt myself than let others hurt me. You can be sure, if you do not correct a wrong mental attitude, that your friends or relatives in due course of time will remind you of it, in some attitude or action on their part.

It is your everyday thinking that you must guard against-- not your "sometime thinking". Momentarily assuming a good attitude toward some person or some experience will not get the job done. You have to stay with the right thoughts and feelings until you have overcome the unhappy conditions brought on by past wrong actions.

This is not so difficult, once you have convinced yourself of the damage you are doing to yourself by not changing your negative thinking. You can suggest to yourself, the moment you start to fall back into feelings of depression, defeatism, and loss of faith that you will snap out of it at once. Then start holding to the good you desire. Your Creative power of mind has to have good thoughts to work on to produce good results. It is powerless to help you without them.


  1. Relax your physical body.
  2. Make your conscious mind passive.
  3. Release all thoughts of fear and worry.
  4. Turn the attention of your conscious mind inward.
  5. Focus your mind's eye on an imagined blank, white motion picture screen, stretched across the darkroom of your inner consciousness.
  6. Throw on this screen a mental picture of what you desire, as though you already have achieved I what you wish to do or be or have.
  7. Drop the curtain on your picture and do not permit any seeming setback or disappointment to change this picture.
  8. Repeat this visualization each day until your objective has been realized.

If your do these exercise regularly, you will see how the power of your mind flourish.