Spiritual and Religion

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Spiritual and Religion

Healing Energy

The power of meditation
Source: East and West Series

Did you know meditation  can help you heal yourself and others? A lot of people think you must have special powers to be able to heal someone else or to heal yourself. (Well I thought that too, in fact I once took a Seikem Reiki workshop which I loved.)

The thing that I found out was that everyone has healing abilities, every one has this amazing energy, and all these workshops are just helping us discover what is already hidden inside.

Today I’ll tell you about the process I use to help someone who is feeling bad. For example let’s assume that a friend has a headache and you want to try and help him.

The first thing I do is close my eyes and get into an Alpha state. You can do that with any meditation or relaxation technique. I used to use my Alpha CD but after using it for some time I “remember” how to enter the Alpha state without the assistance of the audio files.

You can say my mind has trained itself to instant relaxation. Ok... now that you’re in the Alpha state and you are calm and clear.
Imagine a ball of white light appearing just above your head. (Remember we’re with our eyes closed)

Now as the ball shines brighter and brighter with the light that many people call “the energy of love”. Look and see how a channel of energy starts to form between your head and the ball of eternal light.

Healing energy is starting to flow from the ball to your head... filling your body. Look as it fills you head... goes to your shoulders... flows down to your arms stomach and legs...and as your body is pulsing - filled with this energy - lift up your arm and put it on your friend where it hurts, in our example it’s the head.

If it’s a sensitive area... you can put your hand a few inches away from the body so you don’t really touch. Now with your eyes closed, look at your friend and SEE them as the energy entity which they are. Look at their body and find the area where they hurt. You will see a change of energy flow.

For me, I usually see the body as an orange colored healing energy while the “troubled” areas seem Red to me. For you it might seem different, but that’s ok. You will know what is right for you.  Now watch how the healing energy flows from the ball of energy above your head, to your arm and from there to your friends body. Watch how that healing energy is flowing strongly into your friends body. Until the “troubled” areas are now “clean” and they seem back to normal.

Step aside from the present moment to help create a possible future.
You’re in the Alpha state remember? This is where we can project thoughts to invite the future remember? (We talked about it a few days ago in one of my emails).

Visualize how you end your session, how your friend “wakes up” to tell you how wonderful they feel! Visualize how 30 minutes later they look at you amazed telling you what a wonderful job you’ve done, and how the pain is now gone! and the hurt was filled by the healing energy. See it! Feel it - as if it has happened! When you feel you’ve had enough. Just thank the world for helping you heal your friend with God gifted energy.

Pull your arm back and with a great smile on your face open your eyes. Now here’s the thing: This process helps a lot of people but not all of them. Don’t be disappointed if you were not able to remove the pain completely.
Let me assure you that this will help anyone.

  • Perhaps not right away.
  • Perhaps 30 minutes from now.
  • Perhaps it’ll take a few days.
  • And perhaps for some reason, your friend does not want you to help him, and his body will not accept the healing energy you sent his way.

But the thing I know is that the more you practice this process the better you’ll become. Children love this thing, and I urge you to try sending them the powers of the healing energy from time to time.

Wow that was a bit long. I hope you liked it.