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Development of time telling devices: from necessity to luxury

Author:- Jyoti Jha Chaudhary Posting Date: 04/19/07

When men started to be civilized they were caught with more basic needs besides food, cloth and shelter. Watching time is one of those inevitable requirements without which one cannot expect a system to work. Without knowing time how can one know whether it is time for office or school or meeting? It’s simply impossible to follow a routine without following a time system.

When we consider watch which means a portable device used to know the time  we wish to know more


Science Without Religion is Blind

Author:- ANN FINKBEINER  Posting Date: 12/21/06


Some scientists suspect they are religious because both science and religion share a search for certainty, for higher laws. Albert Einstein attributed a physicist friend’s persistence at difficult work to “the longing to behold… pre-established harmony.” Religious people have the same longing, he said, and a legitimate conflict between science and religions cannot exist.” I agree with Einstein.

“Science without religion is lame.” He went on to say, “Religion without science is blind.” I’m not sure what he meant by that, but it sounds right. The world is complicated and people, more

Dissection of Animals Students Who Won't Dissect Them

Author:--By Dirk Johnson Posting Date: 12/21/06


"Animals are just as alive as we are," said Jasmine Dixon, an Indianapolis 11th grader who refused to dissect any animal in biology. 'They have feelings, they have families," ..

The issue has become more heated in recent years as more and more young people refuse to eat meat or use animals products.

The debate over dissection of animals flared in 1987 when a 15-years-old California girl, Jennifer Graham, refused to dissect an animal and sued her school district for not allowing her to complete some alternative more


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