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    Personality Development


    Overcoming negative thinking

    Courtesy India Express


    When you  are angry, worried or afraid, your blood pressure and heart beat may increase dramatically and your activities are more likely to go into sperm and your pallets tend to clump together and clog up your blood vessels, says Dr, Dean Ornish.

    More you concentrate on your fear on worry, the more harm you do to your body. Maintaining a negative mental attitude has always been know to produce negative physical conditions. We know that the people who maintain a positive mental attitude rarely get sick.

    Negative thinking causes problems, positive thinking causes solution. Negative thinking provides a climate in which health problems can develop/ Positive thinking provides a climate in which good health can be attained and maintained. Negative thinking involves worry. Insecurity, fear, suspicion, hatred, antagonisms, anger despair, mourning, self-doubt, etc.

    While positive thinking spreads love, appreciation, optimism, security, courage, cooperation, compassion, generosity, friendliness, patience helpfulness and ambition., negative thinking is being out of step with people and things around you.. Positive thinking is being in step, in harmony with people and things around you. Negative thinning becomes habitual and the stress it causes becomes chronic. Chronic stress is a killer. When you hold negative attitudes for prolonged periods, chemical changes take place in your body.

    A stress chemical is released into the blood which inhibits the work of the immune system apparently by confusing and a awakening the system. In these circumstances, health problems start to build up.

    But positive feeling about yourself and the work you are doing leads you to be optimistic rather than pessimistic, contributing thereby to your health. This is better for your health and ultimately, your survival. Do right and your health thrives. Do wrong and your health suffers.

    Life is not always so closely under our control but our minds are or should be under our control .

    Published by HimArticles on 08/28/2006



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