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Protect Your Personality from Worry and Sorrows

-By PK Arya


Man is considered superior and intelligent as compared to rest of the creatures. This is mainly because man is sentimental, and he has the capacity to express himself. Life is like a blooming flower. Sorrowful and gloomy people have not right to participate in celebration loving society. As far as possible our endeavor should be to create an atmosphere of love, happiness and laughter. We have no right to spoil the festive atmosphere by spreading tension and grief. Gloominess is such a fault/vice with not only isolated us develop and achieve the desired goals.

Life is the supreme gift of nature to man. We can know the real meaning of life of nature to man. We know the real meaning of life by making it useful for others. Life is full of
Both –sorrows and happiness—like shade and sunshine.
When one comes the other goes, but we should try and develop such an attitude that we may be able to lead a happy and balanced life under all circumstances. Keep one thing in mind that these worries and sorrows do not influence much your personality. The modern trends have changed life under all circumstances. The modern trends have changed life to a great extent. Today everybody seems to be stressed due to some or the other reason. But this does not mean that sorrows should overpower our personality and we should exhibit our sorrows everywhere. These work as shackles in the feet of any successful man.

For a well behaved person it is important to have good nature beside a pleasing personality. A good natured and jolly man, who is always smiling, attracts people towards him. The man who knows the interest of others and knows what type of conversation would please them and also knows to talk about appropriate things at appropriate time, certainly impresses everyone. Many a time in life we come across failures. A positives and hopeful attitude towards life helps us to overcome these failures and sorrows.

There is saying in English that “Thornless roses have not yet been invented”. So people who wish to become beautiful and popular like a rose must learn the art of smiling and developing in life which is full of thorns as well. If we become dejected by our failures we should understand that we have learnt nothing from flower.

Flowers distribute their fragrance to everyone who enters the garden. They never express their grief. That is why whenever we come across a person with a smiling face we compare it with a blooming flower.
Sometimes our day may start with a bad news or bad information which may cause sorrow for us. This is also possible that the rest of the day may pass in despair. But we can not keep pitying our self for that. It would be unfair to do so . To get rid of the situation you can not wait for any other support. We have to make an effort to support our own self from within. Whatever is happening within us and whatever is resulting with us, it is required that we concentrate on it and this can be considered a good beginning. Once when we become one with our inner experiences, we will be able to face all incidents, no matter if these incidents are unpleasant.

When we deeply practice this we realize that now we can honestly accept the facts of life as they come. Besides this we are also able to observe the path which will indirectly lead to the solution of all problems and incidents.

When we are not in coordination with our soul, we invite lot many failures and lot many troubles. Purification of our own ability helps us to become more powerful. On the other hand if people feel that they have weak soul power they prove to be really weak –even if they don’t agree to it.

The second emotion of gloominess is worry. Worry is equivalent to funeral pyre. Worry brings many losses along with it, which adversely affect our heart, glands, nervous systems and complete health, Worries result in physical ailments. The strength and capability of a man decreases due to which his life becomes unhappy and troublesome. Worries decrease the life span of and individual. Worry is a process concerned with mental emotions. We can control worries by improving our thought process.

A scholar said that worry is the product of and idle mind. One, who does not like to work, likes to worry. If a man or woman is worried once people will come forward to help them but when they make it a practice then people start avoiding them.
There is an incident about Danial Bony, who was considered and eminent inventionist. When west America was being developed he faced many dangers in his life in spite of it he was blessed with 85 years of long life. When he was nearing the end of his life one of his friends went to meet him. He asked- “How did you manage to keep yourself safe from so many dangers?” Denial replied – “It was the will of God that I should develop and beautify this wild area.”

Denial’s life was full of troubles but his heart was full of enthusiasm. He believed that through his job was tough but it was useful, and that some Divine power is always saving him. It all of us can develop similar view point then we can get rid of unnecessary fears and worries.
Considering worry as something very harmful all psychologists advise us to keep ourselves free from it.

Worry is bigger than fire of death, worry is a bad thing, because fire burns a dead body whereas worry burns one alive.
Live of a person is just like a bubble of water in the river of life and when pain is beyond endurance it becomes medicine.

What is this pain? The desire, the eagerness to unite with God. In mortal world it is compared to unite with beloved. Here beloved is God and pain caused by His separation is suffering. And meditation acts as medicine to this state of pain and unconsciousness.