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Know the Value of Time to Flavor Your Personality

-By PK Arya


During our childhood when we had read about the importance of time, and then we had plenty of time so we did not give so much importance to it. After having spent sufficient time we must know realize that time is really precious. At the right time the work which can easily and happily be completed become terrible difficult once time has passed. Remember any such work which you have been postponing for long and ultimately you have either totally given up the idea of completing it or you gave disheartedly done it in hap hazard way. Life is very short and it is passing at a rapid speed. Every forthcoming moment comes making you realize a new responsibility. The person who has neglected his old responsibility will not be able to complete the new one. Man who postpones today’s work for tomorrow never meets either today or tomorrow. Man how is punctual and adheres to time is recognized as a well behave and successful person,

Every moment of our life is a golden moment. The door of progress and development remain open for the person who knows to utilize and make best use of these moments. He not only pushes away all the failure and gets victory over all society due to his punctual behavior. On the other hand people who waste their energies and golden moments in worthless pursuits or pass these moments carelessly, faces depression and disappointment in all spheres of life and become victims of vicious circle of failures.

To make best use of your time is like meditation, which enables a man to move on the path of progress. People who understand the value of time have become successful under all circumstances, in every country and every time. If we look at the life of successful people at a glance it becomes evident that the only quality that led to all their achievements was that they valued time.

People who utilize their time not only get new opportunities but they also know how to make best use of the given opportunities. The man who dedicates all his time to achieve his target has not time for unnecessary work, As a result when he moves towards his goals with complete concentration success is no miracle for him. It keeps moving towards the achiever by and by every moment.

Thomus Alva Edison was such a scientist who by utilizing his wisdom and talent did many inventions in succession. Generally scientists invent one or two things and become immortal but Edison had different caliber altogether. He remained engaged in invention till the dusk of his life. He did more then 1000 inventions in his life time. It was not an ordinary (humanitarian) work. A kind of divine talent is required is why he was able to solve many most difficult problems with the help of his wisdom and keen insight.

People who know the great personality Edison well and had influenced him say that he never wasted a single moment, His laboratory was his place of recreation, He sat there day and night with his colleagues and remained busy in new inventions.

When Edison invented the electric bulb he did not come out of his laboratory for 12-13 days. So munch so that he did not even sleep. When does man attain this kind of capacity? Only then when the man takes a decision to achieve his target and wants to control every moment of his life and utilize it for that purpose. At such a time his limitations and his weaknesses becomes his helping hands.

When Edison was very small, his school teacher punished him by pulling his ear very roughly. As a result Edison’s become hard of hearing when he grew up. The effect of such that he nearly become deaf and could hear those things which were spoken very loudly. During his discussions he often thanks God for his deafness. He would say “if I was not deaf I would have to listen to unnecessary political and social disputes and my concentration would be disturbed. Now I can utilize my complete time in unveiling the secrets of nature.”

It is the main characteristic of worshiping time or utilizing it that it develops a kind of positive thinking and helps an individual to achieve his desired goals and enlightens his path. The student who makes use of every moment of his life never feels disturbed in the examination hall. The aim of his life is quite clear.
Similarly a worker who makes best use of his time looks at his work as worship. If he is a clerk, the departmental files on his table do not appear to be a burden for him. It he is deployed on a senior position then he does not get exhausted while performing his administrative responsibility in the office.

The great social reformer and founder of Arya Samaj Swami Dhyanand the renowned personality in India used to sleep only for two hours. Need not to say about Mahatma Gandhi’s personality who used to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and keep working till two O’clock in the right; he used to say that if a person goes off to sleep before 12 O’clock in the right he does not justify the course of his life.

“Time does not stop. This is another thing that we do not realize it. It is a better. Truth like other truths of life that with every passing moment we get closer to the end of life. Believe it that year pass by leaving steak of gray hair, we start becoming forgetful, increasing love towards our children and increasing complaints towards society all are symptoms of the fact that we are growing old each day and some more years have been added to our life, if you have stated devoting more time towards your health, cloths or meditation them the theory applies”

-Avinash Chander Sehgal

 Iron man Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel also used to work 18 hours a day and he maintained this ability to work till the last day of his life. His contemporary, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime minister of India was such a wonderful person that he fully utilized the time he spent in imprisonment by writing the epoch making book ‘The Discovery of India’ . This attention of the entire world was drawn towards India when this book was published. It was only due to this historical creation that ‘Bharatatva’ or ‘Indology’ was introduced as a separate subject.

It is noteworthy here that time once passed never comes back again. The opportunity to make forward which are with you at this moment will not remain with you forever. Therefore, by utilizing every moment of your live you can obtain success in struggle for life.

To build your personality great utilizing the time in proper and better way. Time is precious, for it is the only wealth with us that always brings new opportunities for us. Time is also precious in a way because once gone it can not be purchased by any amount of wealth.