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Develop Your Personality with Strong Character

-By PK Arya



The question of building a character is a personal matter for every individual. It has nothing to do with any other person. No other man can be instrumental in making you mentally and physically strong and powerful. None can turn you from weak to powerful, unsuccessful to successful and from nothing to everything. You yourself have the ability and potential of becoming everything and anything.

In today’s materialistic world there is a rat race for achieving things at supersonic speed and there is chaos all around, everyone is involved in some or the other problem which does not seem to resolve. The sense of great dissatisfaction has set deep down to resolve. The sense of great dissatisfaction has set deep down in our hearts. We wish to board more money, more comforts and more and more luxuries as compared to other. This greed has overpowered us to such an extent that we do not hesitate in fulfilling our desires even at the cost of spoiling and ruining our relations with others. We are ready to do anything to make ourselves successful and capable. Nothing thinking and negative approach leads to downfall whereas the result of positive thinking, positive approach and good behavior is no less then a boon.

Today the progress/success of an individual is judged by his materialistic achievements. Therefore, men adopt all fair and unfair means to attain materialistic components. It might be important to attain to lead a luxurious and comfortable life but this does not necessarily make you happy and successful. If we look around we can find many rich people and they did become luxuries of life but they had a miserable and they did becomes wealthy but they were unable to become good human beings.

People who are engaged in achieving materialistic things remain busy in developing only one aspect of their personality. The result is that their entire personality becomes imbalanced/controversial. Such people generally lack in striking a balance in totality, they lack farsightedness and tolerance. For achieving these qualities everyone should utilize every possible second of his/her life. Any man, who wants to attain the highest pinnacle of success in his life, should meticulously work upon building a progressive and strong personality.

In the rapidly changing world and because of rise in new concepts each day new values/opportunities have appeared in the fields of industries and management too. People whose hearts are filled with human values, are blessed with special abilities and welcome new possibilities in life, there is ample scope of progress for them. It is evident that if most of the people working in any industry are able, experts and hard inspiring. For example, we can say that if the raw material is good then the product is also expected to be good quality.

Due to the difference in capacities of the people engaged in same size of units, the result is quite different. Uptill now it was believed that capital, raw material, and technical knowledge are the basis of success of any industry, but now it has become evident that we can progress in the field of automation with these things but we can not ignore human contribution in the organization and smooth functioning in handwork, ability, behavioral excellence, enthusiasm and dedication of its people.

Excellence means not only to excel in achieving material gains but to achieve success in other fields of life as well and for this we must acquire such knowledge that may help us to achieve these aims in the best, quickest and easiest way. Excellence means to have complete control over our work hobbies, aims, habits, experiences and passions rather than become their slaves.

In other words excellence in personal behavior also refers to growth/development of character. In his book ‘Self help’ Samuel! Ismail has termed character as the ‘crown’ and ‘pride’ of life. He believes that the qualities of character are those precious pears and respect in society. The qualities of character are even more powerful than wealth. According to John Gillen, “Excellence is an ideal quality. It is due to these qualities only that society recognized the importance of men.”

There are immense possibilities within you develop your personality with strong character. You must recognize and understand them. The key to success is hidden within you. The wealth you have earned is not important but what is important is the means you have adopted for acquiring that wealth. Your personality, your capabilities, your thoughts and your ideals are all very important in determining your character.

Once a person went to a sculptor how would he make the statue? He was simply hammering a block of stone. The sculptor replied that statue can not be made, it has to be discovered by breaking the non-useful stone and once the task is done the statue emerges.

The seeds of great personality are hidden in every individual. There is not need to make them. You have just to unveil them. There is something that covers that goodness within us, we have to remove this cover. So do not ignore or neglect this precious wealth of character that eventually leads to development of your personality. There is a popular saying that generosity is the key to success. The secret of life lies in giving not taking. The more your give the more you receiving back with interest.

Amerson once said that the person who is always running after materialistic gains and comforts will always be found sleeping. To discover your own personality is greater than inner potentials existing within you is the best education in the world.

Saint Francis believed that it is because we give that we receive. A selfish/self centred man is least self dependent and most sorrowful. He depends on others for fulfilling his own selfish motives and therefore never achieves happiness.

Keep in mind

  • Our management and resources should be independent otherwise our ability will decrease.

  • A person who believes in quick completion of his task may complete his task but he is never satisfied. He remains unsatisfied due to lack of enterprise and tendency of lingering on the work.

  • Many of us would have achieved more in life if we had been honest enough to accept our mistakes and limitations.

  • You can understand other people only if you love them and you have to pay its price by suffering some losses.