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Miscellaneous Articles

  1. Poem Slide Show: By Jyoti Jha Chaudhary

  2. Poem lovers enjoy the Poem Slide Show. The contents of presentation is protected by Copywrite law, please do not copy these contents.

  3. Keeping People Honest

  4. People are more honest, it seems, when they feel like they are being watched. Studies have shown that people are more likely to lie when on the telephone than during face-to-face conversations. And they are even more honest when the observer isn't human...

  5. Freedom-Struggle of India-A Book Review:

    History of freedom-struggle of India is full of brave and patriotic stories of Indian role models. And so are the number of books published in this topic. A book titled "Swantantrata Sangram ki Krantikari Mahilayen" in Hindi by Rachana Bhola Yamini is one of them and unique in itself.....by Jyoti Jha Chaudhary

  6. Hindi Poem-Kaisey :Submitted by Dimple: Beautiful poem written by Dimple

    YE kisne nafraton k biz bo die kheton me,
    YE kisne berukhi ki sinchai ker di inme,
     KI,Aatank ki faslley lehleha ker aa gai,
  7. Hindi Poem-SAB-KUCH :Submitted by Dimple

    ghanti baz rhi thi,
    riciver thama tha bhagtey huey,
    pehchani c aawaz gunji,
    man k jiuon her taar chid gai,

  8. Hindi Poem-Ek Baar :Submitted by Dimple

    This poem is dedicated to my little student, who is now five year old, but he had been suffering major HEART problem for last four years. Now he is fine and fit, enjoying his life normally. whatever I felt with him during teaching time, I have written my feelings in this poem. I hope ,i have used right words for it.