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Health and Nutrition- Heart Care


How Healthy is Your Heart !

-By Al Sears, MD


Your heart, the centre of the cardiovascular system, is the only organ responsible for moving blood, nutrients and waste throughout your body. An intricate web of blood vessels and electrical circuits running all across, it is the veritable live-giver

It is virtually impossible to live a healthy live with a diseased heart. Coronary heart disease is not age or gender oriented and can attack anyone .. anytime if not checked in time, it can lead to serious complications and can even prove fatal.

Keeping the entire heart system healthy is not so difficult. Just a little focus on your lifestyle and habits can help you protect your heart. Probably, few simple steps can be a good example for those around you who have already developed habits leading to heart problems.

Recognize your heart’s enemies!

• Elevated Blood Cholesterol

• High Blood Pressure

• Smoking

• Diabetes

• Obesity

• Lack of Exercise

• Family history of cardiovascular diseases

Take this reality check on heart care..


  1. Heart patients should have blood pressure cholesterol check regularly. Treatment of both these risk factors substantially reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  2. Diets low on salt, animal fats and sugar constitutes a healthy heart eating plan.
  3. Start a cardiovascular fitness program a minimum of 30 minutes exercise at least three times per week
  4. Manage the right blood pressure by following a healthy heart eating plan. Reduce your sodium intake and get regular physical activity.
  5. Smoking leads to reduced blood flow, which can lead to heart attack. There’s no safe way to smoke but the benefits of quitting smoke surely start immediately.
  6. Lower you cholesterol level by incorporating a healthy heart eating plan, physical activeness and healthy weight in your life. Excess cholesterol can build up in the walls of the vessels of the heart called Plaque which leads to blockages resulting in heart attack.
  7. Excess weigh not only increases the risk of heart disease buy also strike, gall-bladder disease, arthritis and even cancers. Maintain a healthy body weight. Seek advice regarding appropriate weight-loss programs if over-weight.
  8. If you have diabetes, make sure you keep it under control. Routine blood sugar level may not five the right estimate of disease severity. Total management of diabetes should also include regular Hba1c testing – An exclusive test that will help reflect the average amount of blood glucose levels over a 3-4 months period. Also, modest changes in diet and level of physical activity can often prevent of delay the development of diabetes.
  9. Use relaxation techniques to reduce the effect of stress in your life, e.g., yoga, reading, meditation, warm bath, aroma therapy massage, craft, etc.
  10. Check whether you have a family history off early heart disease you cannot change history, Lifestyle changes can prevent you from risk factors.
  11. For a healthy heart, one should always know the risks factors involve. Proper check-ups, healthy heart eating plans, physical activeness and healthy weight can add a lot to your number of heart beats.

Courtesy: On the occasion of World Heart Day (30th September),

SRL Ranbaxy advises you to be good at heart!

Simple health rules

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