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"This page shows EXACTLY how you can earn $15+ per hour, online!


STEP by STEP Procedure

It is important that you follow the instructions exactly as written!

STEP 1 - READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE FIRST, before following the rest of the steps - This will give you a better idea of what you will be doing!!!

STEP 2 - You will need a PayPal, Alertpay, or LibertyReserve account.

STEP 3 Join Adflasher

BE SURE TO JOIN AS A "Consumer"...

STEP 4 - After joining, log into your AdFlasher account, and READ the FAQ page (to find the FAQ, click on 'Support'). Be sure to read it, as there is some IMPORTANT information on that page!

STEP 5 - After reading the FAQ page, go to the "My Account" page of your members area. You will notice that AdFlasher gives you $1.50 free. You'll click the 'Ad Viewer' and be on the big ad page. You'll see blocks of ads, a few of them will turn yellow. You keep your eye on that page...As soon as you see an ad block with a count down in it, you do a hard click of the mouse in that have 4 seconds to click that block! If you click it too late, you can click the 'try again' link...So no big deal if you miss it in time, other than you are losing time each whenever you miss the count down block. When you click it, a full page will open of that advertisers page, after the page loads, click the 'close' link that you will see at the upper right of that page. The process will start again.

STEP 6 - When all of the AdViews you were given ($1.50 worth) is completed, you will automatically be sent to a page to purchase a 100 AdView Pack. The 100 View Pack will cost $15.00...Purchase ONE View Pack ONLY!!!

STEP 7 - After you have purchased the View Pack, you can proceed again viewing the ads just like before. You will be able to view up to $30.00 worth. This will take you approximately 2+ hours. After awhile, you will become quicker at viewing ads, depending on the amount of breaks you take in between. You can stop any time, and then return later to finish the View Pack. Once you have used up the View Pack credits that you purchased, you will see you have made $30.00 that you can withdraw or you can use it to buy more View Packs.

That $30 is going to stay in pending mode for a little while. Don't worry about it being in pending mode! Take a break! As soon as that $30 is moved into your Available Balance, take the money. It will be paid to you within 72 hours…(I have actually been paid within one hour everytime I've cashed out...I don't expect that will always happen)!!

Now that you have the $30 paid to you, go back in and purchase another $15.00 View Pack and proceed to the Ad Viewer as before.

Again, cashout at $30.

You have spent a total of $30 and been paid a total of $60. You are in profit $30. Now what do you do? Same thing, Purchase & View ads.

At some point, you may feel comfortable and be in profit enough to buy more than one View Pack in the day.

You can multiply your $15 into several hundred dollars with in few days. Its only up to you, here is a opportunity grab it.

You also earn 10% on your referrals View Packs purchases. So if you do sponsor, you will earn more.

Click here to   Join Adflasher

Still doubt! see Payment Proof here

I wish you all the best,


I think so. In fact, I don't see any way that it couldn't be legal.

Whoever thought this up, is one smart cookie! See members can also be advertisers. Advertisers make purchases to buy ads. Advertisers do not earn on their ad purchases! And THAT is the big difference if trying to compare this to a paid-to-surf program. Your risk is never higher than $15 and if you follow the steps above, you don't actually have a risk at all after you've received the first payout.

So, advertisers buy ads...Obviously to promote their website! Consumers buy View Packs...which is the "smart" way to do it, because ALL advertisers want visitors/consumers who are "willing to spend money!"

I do NOT know how long the this program will last, but I have personally tested it, and have been paid VERY quickly! Their Web Coding alone makes me think that this program will be around for a while...The domain name was purchased for 5 years...Their customer service is MUCH quicker than my own (yes, I need to work on mine)...And, they openly admit when they are out of View Packs!!! These are all traits of a Long Term company, certainly NOT a hit & run type scam!

Here's the thing, when I first was introduced to this program, I DID NOT have the feeling that it was a fly-by-night program...In fact, I couldn't believe someone hadn't thought of this idea before now! Most everyone knows about PTC programs, but this is the 'next generation' of them, or something.


LATEST NEWS regarding AdFlasher:
Due to tremendous  increase in membership Adflasher admin introduced two types of membership Free and Upgraded. Upgraded members have more chances of purchase of ad views than free members because they are giving first priority to upgraded members.

They have posted on their site, that they are OUT OF View Packs for now, and are needing more advertisers! While this severely limits the amount of money you can make, it reinforces the legitimacy of the program!!!
While AdFlasher may not replace a full time income, I do believe it will be an easy way to earn a few extra bucks...Just simply, log into your AdFlasher account everyday, and see if you can buy a new ViewPack, if so, congratulations, you just found a way to make an EASY $15...If no new View Packs are available, just move on with your day, and CHECK AGAIN LATER...Nice & Simple!


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