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Earn Money Online with Your Mobile Phone

Read sms on your mobile and Earn Money

You get daily lot of unwanted and irritating sms's from lot of companies that's boring and annoying for anyone but here is a good news that you will earn money for reading messages (sms) on your mobile phone. mGinger.com will send some sms on your register mobile phone and pay for that. To earn maximum, invite your friends to mGinger also. You will also get paid when your friend read sms on their phone. Thousands of people earning already, so don't be late and hesitate because its FREE, Register your profile with mGinger.com and start earning online.


How to earn money with mGinger:

You can make money with mGinger by following methods.

1 40 paisy per SMS you read in your mobile.

2 20 paisy per sms your referral read at their mobile.

3 Rs 2.00 per valid referral that you send to mGinger.

4 You will also get money that you read Deals email.


Example of Earnings: Suppose you have referred 20 members or 20 members in your network and they read 10 sms in a day then

You read 10 sms (10x0.40)= 4.00

From Your Network (20x10x0.20)= 40.00

You earn Rupees 44.0 in a day with 20 referrals reading 10 SMS (each member) daily. Now suppose if you refer 100 people then your earnings will rise upto Rs 204.00 per day and Rs 6120.00 per month, that's not bad for just reading 10 sms's in a day on your mobile.


Important: Don,t forget to verify your mobile phone and email. So that your receive sms and Deal emails.


Request payment:

Once you  accumulate Rs 300/= you can request for payment. mGinger will send you check at your door via mail.

Register mGinger and Earn Money Now


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