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Part Time online Earnings From Home in India

Online Earnings ? Yes, Part Time online earnings is possible, very simple and easy. Here is online earning opportunities for house wife, part-time earners and beginners without any investment. Click on image to learn in details.

How to earn more money with paid to Click sites

Top 3 Most reliable and Genuine paid to Click Sites:

Paid to click (PTC) sites are most popular online earning source these days because of first, it is very easy and simple to do even 10 yearís school boy can perform second, it cost nothing, any one can start business without any investment or with very little. Earnings are little slow for free members but if you stay for some time and try to build your business slow and study, it is possible to earn $100 to $200 easily in a month. I think as a part time job it is not bad.

Type of Earnings:

By your own clicks:

 Almost Every site will give you 4 to 8 ads daily to click/view ads for 20-30 sec. each, for this you will earn $0.01 to $0.02 per ad.

By Referring your friends:

You can referrer your friends to any site. You will also earn the percentage of your friends earning. This may be 50-100% of theirs earnings in most PTC.

By Purchasing of referrals:

You can earn more by purchasing the referrals from the respective site. You can purchase a pack of 5,15,35,100 and 500 refs using your Alertpay/Paypal account or by Credit Card. Roughly you will earn three  times of your investment.

How much you can earn:

 I will not give you any false facts, PTC sites are not a get rich programs yes, you can only earn some extra money from these sites. For example, suppose you join one ptc program and you click 10 ads in a day, it means you earned 10 cents @ 1cent per ad so, if you join 10 sites then you will earn $1.0 in a day and $30.0 in a month.

You can increase your earnings by referring your friends under your down line. If you refer 5 friends to all 10 sites then your earnings will rise 5 times, means you will earn around $150 per month. This is not exact figures it depends on referral commission.

How you will get your money:

All ptc sites will send your payment in your AlertPay/Paypal (Similar to Online Bank) account. So, you have to open account at Alertpay. Once you collect the money in your Alertpay account, you can request for cheque at any time, Alertpay will send cheque at your mailing address. If you haven't Alertpay Account Click here to open before joining any PTC site. You can open account with zero balance and Its Free. To know more about Alertpay visit payment-processor-AlertPay.

Make long term plan for regular Income:

Now the question is how that extra money earns? If you are new to PTC concept then you may ask, what is this PTC (watch this video, how to start and what to do) but if you already familiar with this concept but not succeed in earnings or got scammed then read further and think on it. Actually people motivated quickly when they saw the results or proof. I will give you proof of $970 cash out by one member of upbux (watch this video). If this person can earn $970 in a month or two, why not you or me. You canít expect that much of amount but it may be possible to earn one third or one forth of it.

If you donít have enough money to invest then it will take around 4 months to build your business with zero initial cost. Now how? Suppose you click 4 ads/day on each site you will earn 12 cents in a day and $3.6 in a month. Try to get referrals to earn more and quickly. Contact your friends by emails, posting ads in classifieds and by telephonically. Join some good traffic exchange programs also to get referrals. Learn the techniques of getting referrals in your spare time. Make blogs and write some articles on your earning programs to get more refs. If you succeeds to get 5 referrals for each site it means you get 60 clicks from three sites (5 refs x 4ads x 3sites=60clicks). It means you earn 30 ( 1click= Ĺ cent for free members) cents per day and $9 in month total $12.6 including your own earnings. With this example you will earn $25 in two months. Now you are ready to start your business. Invest these $25 in purchasing 100 rented referrals. These 100 referrals will earn for you roughly $30 in a month. Recycle them again for next month and in the mean time you will earn another $12 to $15 from your direct refs. So within 4 months you will earn $50 to $60/month pure profit. Invest these $50 to upgrade your membership in one site, this will increase your earnings double because upgraded member will get 100% click rate instead of 50% to Free members. Once you upgrade membership you are on the way of your success.

I again want to tell you it will take time, need patience and regularity in your work. Visit forums regularly and read fallow members post, this will update you what is happening around and will also increase your knowledge in online earning fields.
These are the secrets I am sharing with you that I have learnt for last two years. Below is the links of site join one by one. If you are already a member of these sites, work regularly and follow these techniques.



  • Login to your account each site daily to find fresh ads.
  • Click all available ads at every site.
  • Refer more and more friends daily to increase income.
  • Use different password for different site.

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Earn Money From PTC

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Earn online  Money From PTC

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